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Five-a-day Pro - Convert Your Kids To Fruit And Veg

RRP $7.00

Five-a-Day Pro offers practical advice, tips and information that will help parents to convert their children to the joys of fruit and vegetables! Yes, really! The authors show how to turn the idea of five-a-day into an exciting challenge rather than an impossible goal. There are plenty of tried and tested recipes to try as well.

A Life Fulfilled With The Fruit Of The Spirit

RRP $25.99

This book is created for spiritual Christian growth. It will inspire the readers to seek and trust God as He deposits these attributes of the Fruit of the Spirit in their lives. I trust that you will earnestly prepare your hearts to be awakened to the given sensibility of the multiple attributes of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit in your walk of faith.

Until then, refresh your soul with an excerpt from one of the many poems written for this book under "Goodness"

"Living to give of Christ's kindness Assured touch of His sweetness I live today in humbleness Remembering not my pains no less Never in life to be consumed by stress"

Fruits & Flowers. A Coloring Book

RRP $18.99

'Fruits & Flowers. A Coloring Book' is an unusual coloring book conceived to be used by adults (in particular senior citizens) and children. Each of its thirteen illustrations represents a fruit or flower accompanied by its English name to be colored as well. In this way an association is built between the form depicted and its denomination. This could constitute a valuable exercise in the case of children and senior citizens. At the bottom of each illustrated page there is the English name and the Latin name of the fruit or flower portrayed. In addition, every illustration presents a rich web of lines and diverse shapes that stimulates creativity and invites to a relaxing practice of coloring the book. This publication offers a high-quality edition, which counts with glossy semi-hard covers, 13 illustrations, and the format 8.5 x 11 inches that aims at enjoying a better experience.


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